The good news is that it doesn’t have to be real expensive to advertise a local painting business

So you want to start your own painting business. There is a lot of good and bad information on the Internet regarding this subject. This information is from an actual painting business owner so you can be confident that you are getting good information that is revealed by someone who has credibility.

In order to start a painting business successfully you need to concentrate on these FOUR things:

1.) How To Get Customers – you need to know how to advertise your business effectively and get the right targeted leads. This is your chief concern. In any business, getting customers is the main thing you must be good at.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be real expensive to advertise a local painting business. If done right, it won’t cost you anything. It will pay you instead.

2.) How To Estimate and Bid Jobs – whether you do all your own painting or are planning on hiring painters, you must know how to estimate and bid projects correctly. This is the second most important skill you must have. So you bid a little higher than others do? So what. If you know how to get all the targeted leads you want it doesn’t matter. So you lose a job or two. No one gets every bid.

Is there any ‘secret words’ you can say to a prospect to get them to say YES to you? Sure, but basically, they either have the money and actually WANT the work done or they don’t. Just let the prospect know that you know what you are talking about when it comes to painting and completing the work. If you are real and sincere they will know itsuch a good point.

You can also convey that if you can save them any money on the job you will. Just be honest in all your business dealings. And if they are willing to give you at least a third down before starting the job they definitely QUALIFY as real customers.

3.) Basic Painting Knowledge – you must know something about painting and have some painting skills. You cannot walk into someone’s fine home or business and screw up their walls and woodwork or previous custom paint job. If you have limited knowledge and painting skills find or hire people who do.

When I first started out I thought I knew how to paint but quickly picked up some valuable trade secrets from other painters at the paint store. Sometimes they have a painting contractor’s breakfast and you can rub elbows with other painters and get some good tips.

4.) Painting Tools – you need to invest in some basic tools to be able to complete your work. Some good brushes, a few hand tools and some drop cloths, a step ladder, etc. I generally buy new painting tools as I need them. As bigger and more diverse jobs come along that require a new tool I will get it using some of my down payment money.

Your most expensive tools will be your vehicle and your ladders. Everything else is relatively cheap to buy. I started my painting business with just a beater car and I borrowed a 24-foot extension ladder when I needed it.

Today I have all the ladders I need. They just seemed to ‘gather themselves’ over time. If you need a section or two of scaffolding you can rent it by the week and charge the customer until you can afford to get your own.

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